Saturday, 28 November 2015

Interview w/ BensMods!

Here it is! The last interview for a while! I was very happy when I had the opportunity to interview Ben from BensMods! Very, Very nice mate and please go check him out at BensMods on Instagram and he is a usually on the Southeren Brisbane Nerf Group channel on Youtube! So here it is:

Friday, 27 November 2015

Interview w/ FG4000 (Thomas' Nerf)

So, again, another Awesome oppurtinity to talk to FG4000 (Thomas' Nerf) and ask him a few questions! This will be the last interview for a while, BUT one more is coming out tonight! And its a good one! Stay Tuned!!! But here is the interview:

Q. Fav Nerf Blaster?
A. My favourite Nerf blaster is out of either the Jolt or the LongShot, both are equally tied as of now.

Q. Zeus or Apollo?
A. Well, the Rival series hasn't come out in Australia yet, but in all retrospect I'll go with the Apollo because I'm honestly not a fan of flywheels, take that #stryfemasterrace !

Q. Hammershot or Strongarm?
A. Definitely going with the Hammershot, one hand priming and firing + dual wielding is way more fun and easier than a Strongarm!!

Q. Clip or mag?

Q. When did you join nerf?
A. Well, my first Nerf blaster I ever received was the original blue LongShot CS-6 back in the Christmas of 2006. It was pretty fun but I always kept losing the darts. I'd have to say I got into Nerf the following year (2007) when I received a Rapid Fire AS-20 (vintage version) for Christmas.

Q. Why did you join nerf?
A. The main reason why I joined Nerf was because of how fun shooting foam projectiles was, I was fascinated about them.

Q. First Nerf Blaster
A. Already stated, the blue LongShot CS-6!

Q. Least Fav Nerf Blaster?
A. I'd have to say my least favourite Nerf blaster is the Deploy. Mainly due to the range and how load the firing is.

Please go Follow Thomas at FG4000 on Instagram and Thomas' Nerf on YouTube! And as i said, the big one is coming!

Interview w/ OzNerfWorld

Another day, Another Interview apparently. So I had another opportunity to interview a very special nerfer, OzNerfWorld! He is very nice and please go follow him at OzNerfWorld on Instagram!

1. When/why did you get into Nerf?

1. To be honest I've only been nerfing since last September fully! I've always had a love for Nerf and had guns since I was about 8. I started developing my collection in December when I got guns for christmas from family. From then on Its just grown!

2. First Nerf Blaster?

2. For this, I am sorry but... My first blaster was a deploy cs-6! I used to absolutely love it but since then I realised how terrible it actually was. I sold it to a friend a few months back!

3. Favourite Nerf Blaster?

3. My favourite blaster has 100% got to be the rapidstrike. Or even better, a mod I have, the rapid stryfe! It's on my Instagram and the speed it fired at is phenomenal. Check it out!

4. Least Favourite Nerf Blaster?

4. My least favourite blaster.. A hard choice! I love nearly any blaster but if I had to pick just one it would be the barrel break. I just don't like the way of priming and the range is purely terrible. The cool dart holder helps it to be back in my good books but for finale I just don't like it.

5. Favourite Mega Blaster?

5. My favourite mega blaster is... The bigshock! I love how easily it can shoot Megas, elites, and even rivals HIR's! The range is great and the blaster is comfy too! I would pick the cyclone shock but in my model, it has needed fixing twice due to a broken priming handle.

6. Zeus or Apollo?

6. APOLLO ALL THE WAY! It has higher velocity and range on average than the Zeus and it doesn't take batteries! I choose team blue all the way as it was the first one I saw irl!

7. Hammershot or Strongarm?

7. Hammershot all the way. I modded my strong arm and it made all of my darts fishtail due to too much power! My hammershot is now modded with a simple electrical tape spacer and it's shooting like a truckload! I recommend this blaster to anyone with a roll of electrical tape and a screwdriver! It's so simple it's shocking!

8. Thoughts on this years line up?

8. My thoughts on this years line up? I hated some things such as the doominator and flipfury (range and comfort issues) but LOVED the new lines. The modulus products are an amazing idea from Hasbro- irl DLC! The new mk2 recon looks cool and the ionsight looks a bit uncomfortable but also cool. The doom lands and rivals were released this year too and I love them both! Out of the doom lands, my favourite blaster is definitely the law bringer! As said above, I love hammershots! 2015 in conclusion was a great year for nerf and hasbro in general!

9. Thoughts on next years line up?

9. By next years lineup I presume you mean the dual strike and such.. I think they look awesome! The idea of two ammo types in one blaster just seems mad! The ionfire ( I think that's its name ) seems a bit boring and overdone.. Just another jolt? Cmon hasbro! The Star Wars blasters looks cool and the crosscut too! Will 2016 be the year for nerf? We'll have to wait and see! Charge to next year!

10. Clip or Mag?

10. For me, it's clip. Clip all the way. Clip clip clip clip clip. Yeah. That's just what I call it! Sorry "mag" or "magazine" guys! It just sounds too... Real steel!

So, you may notice i'm doing a lot of these interviews, thats because i asked people on Instagram I asked if I could interview people and people want to, so yeah!

Interview w/ Nerfers101

I had the opportunity to ask Sophie Lightning (Nerfers101) from instgram, some wuestions about Nerf and here is what she said!

1. When and Why did you get into Nerf?

1)Originally, I took an interest to Nerf in 2006 when my parents bought me a maverick rev-6. I really wasn't a huge fan until the release of Vortex series in 2011 which really sparked an interest for me. After that my obsession took off.

2. First Nerf Blaster?

2) As I said above, my first blaster was the Maverick Rev-6.

3. Favourite Nerf Blaster Ever?

3) My favorite blaster ever would have to be the Longstrike. I know that's a bit random since its ranges and accuracy are terrible but it just looks so cool and was my go-to blaster for many years. I have some great memories with the Longstrike.

4. Arsenal Count (to date)?

4) To be honest I've lost count. My arsenal is around 250+ blasters.

5. Thoughts on modulus?

5) I was ecstatic to hear the news of the Modulus. My favorite part of Nerf is customizing and cool parts so the Modulus is really a spectacular idea. I'll be getting every piece of the Modulus line.

6. Thoughts on next years lineup for Nerf?

6) Next years line up is looking pretty average. I like the extension of the Modulus gear but I'd love to see some new Rivals stuff since that's my Favorite series.

7. Do you mod?

7) I do mod but only simple, unoriginal, internal mods that have no point in show casing on Instagram. Some day I'd love to be an expert modder but at this time I don't have enough time or money.

8. Least Favourite Nerf Blaster Ever?

8) My least favorite blaster ever... That's a hard one.... It'd have to be the Deploy due to the sheer terribleness of ranges, accuracy, consistency, and ability to work.

9. Favourite Tac-Rail accessory?

9) My favorite Nerf tac-rail accessory is the Pin Point sight because it's one of the only attachments that kind of works. Normally, I use an airsoft sight thats pretty expensive but works great!

10. And what keeps you motivated into Nerf?

10) Very good question. There are times when I think about all the money and time I've spent on Nerf and question myself. Something most people don't know about me is that I have a blood disorder so I can't play sports. Nerf is a great way for me to have an active hobby that I love doing. Of course, I also LOVE running my Instagram and helping people out with their Nerf problems. I would expect to keep nerfing until college, which really isn't that far away :(

And that is all the questions I asked Nerfers101! Be sure to follow her at Nerfer101 on Instgram and Youtube!

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Strongarm VS Hammershot: My Opinion

So in a recent interview I did with NDP, I asked which was better Strongarm or Hammershot? I've been thinking of this question myself lately and I decided to make a blog post on it. So how I will tell you is by telling what's good and what's bad about the two, then I will give you my answer. Keep in mind this is all my opinion, I'm only doing this because for your concern when buying one and because I like one better than the other. So here are my opinions:

Strongarm (Good Things):

Good things to say about the Strongarm, theres actually a lot of good things to say! So if you've ever owned a Strongarm, it feels very comfortable! The grip is very large and very comfortable! The Strongarm, unmodded, preforms amazingly! On the chrony, it is shooting harder than elite guns. The average elite blaster performance is around 70fps (US-Spec) and the Strongarm gets around 80fps (again US-Spec). So it gets pretty great preformance stock and if modded, it can shoot upwards of 100 feet! It holds 6 darts which is very covenant! And.... it has slam fire!

Strongarm (Bad Things):

Because it is large and oversized it is a very big sidearm almost rifle sized. Because of this, if you were to put it in a holster, it would be very large and the trigger feels a bit sloppy.

Hammershot (Good Things):

The good things about the Hammershot is that you can one hand operate it! This means you duel wield it! Which, definitely it my opinion, is awesome! And if duel wielding is not your thing, then you can hold it in one hand and use the other to just pull down the hammer which you, what you call, fanning the blaster.

Hammershot (Bad Things):

It has a 5 dart storage which is one less than the Strongarm. If you are to duel wield you would need a big hand and it is a lot in your thumb muscles.

So my final opinion: Winner: Hammershot!

In my opinion, the Hammershot takes it for me! Because you can duel wield this thing, it takes the cake for me! If you were to use a Hammershot in a war, I would use two Hammershot. Simply because I would want 10 shots instead of 6 if I would bring a Stronagrm.

As I said, this is all my opinion and yours might be different. If you like the Strongarm and have reasons why, give your opinions in the comments!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Interview w/ NerfDudeProductions!

So I did an interview with NDP (NerfDudeProductions) asking him 12 questions (plus one none-nerf related one) and it went great! Hes a very nice guy and please give him a follow on Instagram.

So here is the interview:

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Mods Coming Soon!


Here are a few of the blasters i will be moding: #gettingstraighttothepoint 

  • Longshot - Pump Grip, 14 kg Spring
  • Retaliator - Shotgun style Pump Grip, 7 kg spring, Stage 1 and 2 OMW Kits
  • Switch shot - Designed to be a MR6 Replica from COD BO3
  • Demolisher - Designed to be a SA - 805 Replica from COD Ghosts, Cutting off missile launcher, barrel extended, 3 trustfires and 1 dummy battery 
  • Rapidstrike - Roughcut Intergration, BlasterTech Loom Kit, Stock extension, Spectre Barrel
  • Stryfe - Designed to be a UMP - 45 Replica from CS:GO, Full Overhaul w/ 130 motors and a lipo battery
  • And The Big One! Longshot (Sniper!) - Brass Breech, 14 kg Primary Spring, 7 kg Secondary Spring, Tacticool Sniper Barrel!
These all have names and the names will be announced.........soon

Thanks for reading!